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    I had one of you for a visit a week ago or so. Always a little nervous when my customers come, do they know what a farm in reality looks like? Better when the sun is shining and everything nice, but you never know, might be a sick or a dead animal you missed that morning, a million mishaps possible on a farm. But we got through it, a nice visit. I really like interacting with you even though I might get a little hyper, a personallity trade running in my family. Been thinking about I should have a separate discussion on negative things. You can then skip it and I get things of my chest. I start to get resentful having to be hip and everything on the up and up all the time, my reality just not like that. Sometimes I feel as if I am on the eastern front. It is not easy doing this, the most difficult part how alone one is. Not many understand today what farming is really about. Years past rural communities were about farming, everybody understood the issues, either you were a farmer or in a profession supporting farming. In those days if your cows broke through a fence, everybody knew how to handle it and would help. Today if my cows brake out, people get irritated as if the cows do not belong here anymore. This is still very much a rural community, but for some reason people act as if they live in the suburbs. Has to do with all the farms around me gone under, only empty land. More negativity later, a lot more.