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So I was a little down Yesterday? Will try to make up for it today, feeling much better, a lot of fight left in me, years and years and years of it. So the case went into the District court of Reykjavik Yesterday, but because of summer holidays, not on the agenda until fall. Will keep you informed, very important in my life.

So here are the piglets, the brown mother warned me, "no closer or I will attack". The black one a lot calmer "you want to take pictures, fine with me".  

So by the pond was this duck on land with her ducklings, we walked almost on top of her. Off she took pretending to have broken wings while the ducklings scattered. As far as I can see, not a mallard duck, some other spieces. So I am right, this farm now a duck Heaven, they are all over. Maybe I will rename it "Duck Heaven Farm".

 Then this beaver swimming in the pond, MY POND, I made it. Both Pop and Pez went right in and swam towards it, the water at least 15 feet deep. But they turned around when I called them.

Pu is not back, called the Pound, no Pu. Well if somebody took it, fine with me, can´t have dog taking off like this. Will just do more puppies this winter. Pez is a nice dog, wants to be with me all the time. Pu was more like his father Pip, more aloof or just dum. Developing this relationship with Pez. Makes me sad though Pu is not here, hope he didn´t get hurt or something. 

IMG_9850 low.jpg

IMG_9852 low.jpg

IMG_9854 low.jpg

IMG_9848 low.jpg

IMG_9849 low.jpg

IMG_9855 low.jpg

IMG_9856 low.jpg

IMG_9858 low.jpg

IMG_9861 low.jpg

IMG_9863 low.jpg

IMG_9864 low.jpg

IMG_9865 low.jpg

IMG_9866 low.jpg

IMG_9869 low.jpg

IMG_9873 low.jpg

IMG_9877 low.jpg

IMG_9871 low.jpg

IMG_9880 low.jpg

IMG_9881 low.jpg

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Not much to report this morning. Well always something. Pop and Pez go into the water every change they get, Pip does not, never really seen him in the water I  think.

Shows these dogs are different even if they are supposed to be purebreds. I also think Pez has his brains from his mother. Pip like his son Pu, a dimwit. But what do I know, another dimwit.

Saw a painted turtle baskingin the sun, but by the time I took the picture it was in the water. Saw it there a couple of days ago, so next time I will be ready. One picture of the bales dotting the fields, they will be there until used in winter. You don´t want to move them after you drop them off the wrapper, makes holes in them and then the hay goes bad.

The fog you see below us lower in the valley is over the Town Delhi. A branch of the Delaware river flows through the village and that reason for the fog I think. The water warmer than the night air. In Denmark they call this kind of fog "mosekonens bryg", translation "the moor's woman's brew". So when I Googled the word "moor", came up it comes from old English "mor". In Icelandic "mýri", another proof you are just speaking "new Icelandic". ?

Not cutting any grass today, need to take it easy for a couple of days, but me and Jason are going to "Hay Farm Days "at the local dealership, meeting other farmers, getting a free meal and seeing the new farm machinery mostly made in China.

Unbelievable actually. Last year we went and the Massey Ferguson´s that started in Canada and Britain mostly made there until recently, all have the "Made in China" label on them. They try to hide them, actually says The people´s Republic of China" if I remember right, or "The Republic of China". Have to check when I go today. The "Republic of China" being Taiwan, the "People´s Republic of China", the mainland.

Have you ever heard of the most famous handshake in the world between Ford And Ferguson? Have to tell you about it, one reason the world is not starving today. 

IMG_9882 low.jpg

IMG_9887 low.jpg

IMG_9889 low.jpg

IMG_9891 low.jpg

IMG_9892 low.jpg

IMG_9893 low.jpg

IMG_9894 low.jpg

IMG_9895 low.jpg

IMG_9896 low.jpg

Opera Snapshot_2018-06-21_092706_www.google.com.png

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No fog down in the valley this morning. Don´t know why, cooler today than Yesterday morning, maybe less moisture in the air. Will be baling all day, supposed to rain over the weekend.

Put these ducklings out into this round fence two days ago, 14 of them. Somebody dug under the fence and killed them all except two, only ate the heads. My stupidity, but they were left alone last summer. Would let them out in the morning and they then forage all day and come back for the night, me locking them up. But good this happened now, more going into the fence and I am experimenting with electrifying it, wil take some pictures. The plan to raise them by the thousands this way, just have to work out these details. A small animal, a skunk?, mink?, fisher? 

Let the chicks out for the first time the day before Yesterday and they all went in at night expect one, had to catch it. Last night the same chick did the same but this time I was able to coach it inside without catching it. Going to be interesting what it does tonight. Will put pictures in The plan to raise broilers this way by the thousands too. But then I have to get it all just right, getting there slowly. Many things involved, incubators, coops to have in the field,  feed, watering and then slaughtering in fall. All there but primitive. Know how to do it better but takes money to invest in it. Found these incubators from China, they take 1000 eggs each , ducks or chicken, a good start. I built the incubators I have and thought I could make bigger ones,but better to buy them. Lets see, never ever give up Trump said and then he folded.

This beaver means businesses, we had been at the pond for a while when it showed up. Swam quite close and slammed it's tail. Maybe it is trying to scare us, maybe it is just lonely like the rest of us, maybe it wants a hug. Maybe if we go to the pond every morning it will come closer every time. Then sit on the shore with us and then come home holding my hand, sleep by my feet and give me a hug in the middle of the night.

One interesting thing, was working last night on this round fence, putting up the electric wire. Had the dogs with me and the chick coop right by. The dogs totally ignored these tiny chicks running around, very pleased. Worked into the dark until they were all in except the one I coached inside. When it starts to get darker, they go inside one by one, something about the dusk triggers them. When they are this small, they sleep in a heap on the floor. As they get older they start to roost and you have to have enough perches form them to sit on. All these details to work out.

IMG_9897 low.jpg

IMG_9898 low.jpg

IMG_9900 low.jpg

IMG_9901 low.jpg

IMG_9903 low.jpg

IMG_9904 low.jpg

IMG_9905 low.jpg

IMG_9906 low.jpg

IMG_9908 low.jpg

IMG_9912 low.jpg

IMG_9914 low.jpg

IMG_9915 low.jpg

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So much to tell, so little time, late have to do the chores. So what I will do, just put in the pictures from this morning in and write about them after the chores. Then you can enjoy them now and read about them later if you wish.

Out to let the poultry out, feed the dogs, pigs, check on things and then I will be back, more work on weekends, Jason not here, the live of a farmer.

IMG_9917 low.jpg

IMG_9918 low.jpg

IMG_9923 low.jpg

IMG_9925 low.jpg

IMG_9927 low.jpg

IMG_9928 low.jpg

IMG_9930 low.jpg

IMG_9931 low.jpg

IMG_9933 low.jpg

IMG_9935 low.jpg

IMG_9936 low.jpg

IMG_9937 low.jpg

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Did short chores, started to rain and I got soaked. Let the poultry out and can feed the pigs later. So here I am telling you about every picture by number, might get  long, a lot to tell as I said.

Even had time to fix this bug, error message might be gone, I am somewhat brilliant. Correction, not that smart bu don't give up too easily. Picture number 1 2 3 and 4. Took them while i was putting my shoes on.

There they were strutting their best stuff and the rooster too. These are the two toms left out of a lot of turkeys. I was having great luck raising them, range fed turkeys taste like nothing else, no comparison to the store bought what so ever, believe you me.

The year I had most, over a 100, incubated them my self and everything. The problem, when they are half grown they decide the world is theirs, live free or die. So they leave, find a night roost somewhere in the woods never to be seen again. Assume they are picked off one by one. So to be able to raise them, I have to make fences high enough so they don't fly over them or breed them to stay like these two do, several years old by now.

The dogs important too keep the predators away. The plan to raise them by the thousands but only plans as of now, range fed the secret. Turkeys are amazing grazers can live on grass alone it seems ones they have grown a little, the poult's (as the baby chicks are called) need a high protein diet, insects and such in the wild I assume.

Picture no 5. Just a flower I saw in the garden Temma must have planted, don't even know the name of it.

Picture no 6, the boars still in bed.

Picture no 7 and 8. The cows and the stallion lying down when I came up on them. A horse lying down like this almost looks dead, flat on the ground. As you see, this stallion likes to be amongst the cows, his harem I guess. Adam my other stallion has tiny chicks as his harem. Who knows what a stallion thinks, maybe they just like the companionship, who knows, stallions have feelings too, not all "evil patriarchy".

When the cows are all lying down like this, you know they are content, enough grass for everybody, not spending all their time filling up. Notice the bird on the back of one of them picking of insects. Sometime they sit on their noses to catch them in the grass while the cow is grazing.

Picture 9, the field the cows are going into when they are done with the one they are in, the grass coming back. I mowed it a couple of weeks ago after they had been in there to set back the weeds.

10. Down the valley started to rain below us and a little later I had to go inside so as not to get wet with the camera.

11. The field I am going to mow Monday. As you see the hay has everything in it, not only grass. This is the stuff the animals will eat come winter.

12. Just to show you how good the cattle looks. The yellow tag means this heifer is not going to be kept for breeding for what ever reason I decided, written somewhere. Maybe it misbehaved, maybe it was skinny,  what ever I decided then. Looks good today, about 2 years old.



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So I decided to walk down below by the main herd. The cows did not like seeing the dogs, wanted to stampede them and came to the fence. Maybe because they have calves or just felt mean this morning.

The dogs saw a rabbit (cotton tail to be correct) and off they went in hot pursued. Not much else to report, took some pictures of the wrapped bales dotting the fields like marsh mellows. You can see the date on them when they were done. There they sit until they are fed to the cattle, sheep or horses in winter. We even grind them to mix into the pig/poultry feed. But then they have to totally dry otherwise the feed goes bad. The believe on this farm being, all the good stuff being in the hay, the right fatty acids, natural vitamins and every thing you need for a long and healthy life, the hay the secret to it all.

The less you handle bales the better, one hole in the plastic and the hay starts to go bad unless it is totally dry. If wet, the bacteria uses up the oxygen in the hay because of the plastic and then makes it sour like sauerkraut. Very well preserved as long as the plastic is intact, one hole and the oxygen gets into the bale like in a can of food, one hole and you are dead, right?

We mark them D for totally dry, d for mostly dry but not quite and W for wet. 

Anything else? Yes saw the ducklings run around in their enclosure below, meaning that animal did not get in there to take their heads off, will try to take some pictures of the setup today. Will be interesting for you to follow how fast they grow.

One more thing, a picture of my channels, really proud of them.

IMG_9938 low.jpg

IMG_9939 low.jpg

IMG_9940 low.jpg

IMG_9941 low.jpg

IMG_9942 low.jpg

IMG_9944 low.jpg

IMG_9946 low.jpg

IMG_9948 low.jpg

IMG_9949 low.jpg

IMG_9952 low.jpg

IMG_9953 low.jpg

IMG_9954 low.jpg

IMG_9955 low.jpg

IMG_9956 low.jpg

IMG_9958 low.jpg

IMG_9959 low.jpg

IMG_9960 low.jpg

IMG_9961 low.jpg

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Quite cold this morning and supposed to get colder tonight, might even have been in the low forties, unusual for this time of year. Said I would take some pictures of the chicks an ducklings. I let them out and took some pictures. Early bird catches the worm, fly to be exact, only saw it when I put the picture in here, the first one, about to down a fly.

I am experimenting with this, been doing it now for several years, the plan to raise them by the thousands. But then everything has to be right, getting there. The goal to have them free ranging, the only reason I am doing this. Obviously one can raise them in factories but who wants to eat that stuff. Couple of hundred chicken, enough for the family and a few extras and maybe 60 70 ducks. The duck incubator misbehaving so I am not sure, hopefully better incubators next year.

IMG_0003 low.jpg

IMG_0004 low.jpg

IMG_0005 low.jpg

IMG_0007 low.jpg

IMG_0009 low.jpg

IMG_0010 low.jpg

IMG_0011 low.jpg

IMG_0012 low.jpg

IMG_0013 low.jpg

IMG_0014 low.jpg

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JUN 26
Mostly Sunny
SSW 6 mph 50%
JUN 27
Mostly Cloudy
S 13 mph 71%
JUN 28
SW 10 mph 85%


The forecast changing all the time. My motto when haying"cutting come Hell or high water". Lot of the time I am lucky and get the hay baled before it rains. Also I am from Iceland, haying between the raindrops in my genes. The ones who couldn't, starved to death centuries ago, what a cruel world this is. 

Was supposed cut all day Yesterday, but most of the day went repairing the mower. It was coming apart, bolts loose and the gear-oil had leaked out. This mower was made in Poland, had it for three years now. My theory (at least Yesterday while I was working on it on four feet under it),  it was imported disassembled and put together by grease monkeys in this country, didn't torque these bolts right. 

Luckily I caught it, noticed a streak of oil behind the tractor and started to look for the source. Would not have been pretty had it come apart in the middle of the field, parts flying all over, even hitting me. One reason farming is the most dangerous occupation, more dangerous than being a policeman or a miner they say. And if that isn't enough, if farmers don't end their days by an accident, they are ending it on purpose in record numbers these days they say. Enough enough. 

So very late I went out mowing and kept at it into the dark. Had to quit though before intended, just too cold.  I was shivering, must have been down into the low forties, Where are you climate change when we need you?? Should have taken a jacket with me, but this is late June for crying out loud.

You can see the field I cut, started on another and will finish it today. Miss Pu.

IMG_0018 low.jpg

IMG_0019 low.jpg

IMG_0021 low.jpg

IMG_0023 low.jpg

IMG_0024 low.jpg

IMG_0026 low.jpg

IMG_0027 low.jpg

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I know I know, lot of pictures of hay down, but I spent hours upon hours on the tractor Yesterday cutting, so that's is my life these days. In winter it is getting the hay to the cows, a simple life you say.

Fascinating with the dogs, Pip always on the move, runs there and here and everywhere, hither and dither, while Pop and Pez more into sniffing around. Maybe the reason Pu got lost, like his father.

I am suffering form severe withdrawal symptoms this morning. Write something every day on this Icelandic website. But this morning the picture below showed up. Don't know if those who keep the website out are going to fix this, some hacking job or what.

I have been keeping this topic/discussion going there for some years and well over a million hits on it in a country of 330.000. Compares to well over a billion in this country. You calculate how many in China, but ofcourse I would be in jail there. 

I am not quite as nice and pleasant there as here on this Forum, not rude, just controversial issues. Several times they tried to shut me down,  but we kept on going.

The day before Yesterday I put in my case as it went into district court in Reykjavik and two days later the site shuts down. A coincidence? Maybe, but I don't think so, directly connected in my mind, that important to some in Iceland to silence me.

I am now waiting for the English translation and will put it in here and on we solider, you my troops. I also intend to make a part of this forum in Icelandic for those who liked to discuss things on the Icelandic forum, an exile forum so to speak. Would be separate from this one "Every thing on Spring lake Farm" and not interfere  with it.

This is my life and my forum and as my father would say in Danish, his mother's tongue "mand skal ikke sætte sit lys under en skæppe". Out of the Bible  saying: "Man should not put his light under a bushel", full steam ahead damn the torpedoes.

IMG_0028 low.jpg

IMG_0029 low.jpg

IMG_0030 low.jpg

IMG_0031 low.jpg

IMG_0033 low.jpg

IMG_0035 low.jpg

IMG_0036 low.jpg

IMG_0037 low.jpg

IMG_0038 low.jpg

IMG_0039 low.jpg

IMG_0040 low.jpg

IMG_0041 low.jpg

IMG_0042 low.jpg

IMG_0045 low.jpg

IMG_0046 low.jpg

IMG_0048 low.jpg


Opera Snapshot_2018-06-27_093136_www.searchinquire.com.png

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Lot of pictures, but I am getting very fast at doing them so why not.

First thing first. Turned out my fear this forum in Iceland having died was my paranoia, up again this morning. Not the first time I think the whole world revolves around me, as it actually does, another story. I had made this Icelandic sub forum, but deleted it this morning. As long as the forum keeps on going in Iceland, no need to mess this up here. 

Then the second, keeps on raining all this grass I cut going to rot into the ground and thats fine, just part of it all.

The third. A ridiculous thing happened this morning. I went to the pond, not been there for a couple of days. The beaver came across the pond towards us and did not slam its tail. Then Pop decided to go in and swam around for several minutes, got me scared. The beaver kept its distance and Pop too it seemed, not sure though. There they where swimming around in circles for several minutes. I need to shoot video's to show you these things, just nuts. You can see how close the beaver and the dog came to each other.

IMG_0051 low.jpg

IMG_0054 low.jpg

IMG_0055 low.jpg

IMG_0056 low.jpg

IMG_0057 low.jpg

IMG_0058 low.jpg

IMG_0060 low.jpg

IMG_0061 low.jpg

IMG_0062 low.jpg

IMG_0070 low.jpg

IMG_0071 low.jpg

IMG_0073 low.jpg

IMG_0074 low.jpg

IMG_0075 low.jpg

IMG_0076 low.jpg

IMG_0077 low.jpg

IMG_0078 low.jpg

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A little fog this morning but burning off, going to get very hot they say. First, Aricuna, see that chicken, has a beard,  a descendant from aricuna chicken we had,  from South America. I am breeding that beard into our chicken, believing they can stand the winter cold better. Somewhere I read these chicken are a proof Polynesians made it to South America, they had chicken, already said more than I know.

But as you know, I am from Iceland and my forefathers found America long before somebody else we won't mention. That we lost it again another story. Somewhere I read, that from the area my grandfather is in Iceland, they found a gene in the local  population from America, meaning I am actually a native American and intend to put up a Casino on the farm.


Clementine came on the walk with us, has a relationship with the dogs. Her brother Titus knows better, that they are killers and not to be trusted. Talking about inter species relationships, Adam the stallion waiting for his buddies the chicks to come out, we all need companionships don't we?

More more, see that little pond. Some years ago it was just a puddle, but somehow the ducks made it bigger and deeper every year. Don't know how but they do. Maybe by stirring up the mud and it flows away, they have definitely made it bigger. If not for the ducks it would be gone, filled up with mud and grass growing there. 

See those deer, took that picture Yesterday from the window. Cut the grass because some kind of marten, veasel, fisher kind of animal (tiny thing) was killing the chicks. I almost stomped on it but it did not want to let go. No bigger than the chicks but knew how to bite its neck and kill it. Lot of little things to work out with the poultry to be able to range raise them profitably.

Anything else? See that chicken with her chick on top of the mower with her two chicks, picking seeds that stuck to it, even dead flies and such.



IMG_0080 low.jpg

IMG_0081 low.jpg

IMG_0082 low.jpg

IMG_0083 low.jpg

IMG_0087 low.jpg

IMG_0088 low.jpg

IMG_0089 low.jpg

IMG_0091 low.jpg

IMG_0092 low.jpg

IMG_0093 low.jpg

IMG_0094 low.jpg

IMG_0097 low.jpg

IMG_0098 low.jpg

IMG_0099 low.jpg

IMG_0101 low.jpg

IMG_0105 low.jpg

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You can see the balers ready for action, not much happening though today or tomorrow, a delivery coming up. But come Monday, both going to be out there baling. There you see Adam with his buddy the Chick, very happy. This inter-species interaction interesting. The ducklings are a nervous bunch, as they should be, but ones they are in the water, they calm down. I love duck, both razing them and eating. You see the chicks out finding their worms and stuff, much more relaxed about everything, take things in stride.

This skunk a fellow I met Yesterday morning. Told him to keep moving, the farm not a save place now with the dogs and all. Skunks are egg thieves and kill the chicks, so they are not welcome no more. But they are neatest thing ever.

Stallions really like their poop, their pride and joy. Stack up and sniff all the time, some kind of territorial behavior.

IMG_0110 low.jpg

IMG_0131 low.jpg

IMG_0133 low.jpg

IMG_0134 low.jpg

IMG_0136 low.jpg

IMG_0140 low.jpg

IMG_0145 low.jpg

IMG_0146 low.jpg

IMG_0148 low.jpg

IMG_0149 low.jpg

IMG_0153 low.jpg

IMG_0155 low.jpg

IMG_0156 low.jpg

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Short short delivery day. So the beaver decided to make a lodge in MY POND without a permit or anything, I am not sure it will fit in architecturally and such, but we will see.  Maybe I put a nice red roof on it with a flag of the New York State animal, have the beaver sell souvenirs and such, lemonade maybe?

You see the top of this selfsown Norway spruce, almost two feet this top has grown up this summer, they sure grow fast in this climate, sure they do not grow this fast in Norway. Here of course they are an invasive species.

See the cattail, the pod or what ever it is called has formed. The blackbird was showing us or somebody the dragonfly it had caught, or maybe it was just waiting for us to leave so it could feed its young's. See the fish in the pond, it is filled with them.

Supposed be 100 or higher in the City, Pip is staying home, not as hot here at 2000 feet obviously. On to do the chores and then pack.

IMG_0168 low.jpg

IMG_0169 low.jpg

IMG_0170 low.jpg

IMG_0171 low.jpg

IMG_0174 low.jpg



IMG_0181 low.jpg

IMG_0184 low.jpg

IMG_0158 low.jpg

IMG_0160 low.jpg

IMG_0161 low.jpg

IMG_0163 low.jpg

IMG_0164 low.jpg

IMG_0165 low.jpg

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I know I know, not much to these pictures expect they were taken this morning and that the important part. That I actually got up at took them a feat in it self.

Came home about 1:30 AM. about 68 outside, cools off up here in the mountains. As Temma said when I came in, you drove for 14 hours. Well I did it and only one mistake that corrected it self, Isaac and Mar were supposed to get a beef share but no beef share for them. At the next stop, Salome got a pork share and a beef share they did not order. Easy to fix, next stop Roosevelt Island and Isaac and Mar on the way. What happened, the beef share jump a line in the spreadsheet. From now on we will put customer's initials to the shares as soon as they have ordered them, redundancy, redundancy, if everything goes wrong maybe one thing will be right the motto.

When you let the chicks out, they run like crazy to get that worm before the others, then they all run after the one who got it, quite the mayhem. Then they calm down hunting for a fly there, eat some grass here, scratch and pick every where some tiny things you can't even see, their eyes right by their beak and must see microscopic things in the soil. Chicken are scratchers, not turkeys or ducks. Chicken will go through a pile of horse dung, turn it over to get every worm, maggot, what ever lives in it, spreading it in the process ans thereby returning it back to the soil.


IMG_0186 low.jpg

IMG_0188 low.jpg

IMG_0190 low.jpg

IMG_0191 low.jpg

IMG_0192 low.jpg

IMG_0194 low.jpg

IMG_0196 low.jpg

IMG_0198 low.jpg

IMG_0199  low.jpg

IMG_0200 low.jpg

IMG_0201 low.jpg

IMG_0202 low.jpg

IMG_0203 low.jpg

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22 hours ago, Rob said:

 It took an hour of reading, but I’m all caught up :)

To go to the Spring Lake Farm website click here

Good, it will add up, in a few years it would take you a lifetime and we only have one. Don't think they have the Internet in these greener pastures, just grass I think.

So I was on the tractor all Yesterday. The other baler broke down. Two bearings went, so I just kept going on mine while Jason started to tear the other one apart. Lot of rolls, belts and chains in a baler like this and everything has to turn on bearings.

Bearings come in different qualities, made in Germany, Sweden and all over. These days mostly in China and the quality not always up to standard. So when the manufacturer puts these machines together, they can buy bearings from where ever they want , the sizes standard and the price obviously a deciding factor. So here we are with a down baler because they had to save a few dollars now 10 years ago, what goes around comes around.

Well they sold me the baler and laughed all the way to the bank, or was it the stockholders meeting? So am I going to buy their baler next time or is that one going to be made in China? Now balers are about 95% steel, what is this steel tariff going do to the price?

Bearings make the world go around, without bearings nothing in the modern world would work. So The Americans figured out, if they would bomb the German bearings factories they could stop the Germans in their tracks. But to be able to hit the factories, they had to fly low and slow in daylight and that the reason the Americans had these horrendous losses in the beginning. They thought they could pull this off while the British had learned their lesson, the reason they ended up bombing the Cities at night.

The Americans eventually learned it too and started to do the same thing, everybody knows about Dresden. Then it was Coventry in Britain, a factory City. In the beginning the plan was to destroy strategic factories, bombing Cities at night came later as we got meaner and nastier, what war does to us.

Each bale is about 1000 pounds. See the blue string, used to be red, but supposedly color blind farmers have a problem seeing the red color when they are cutting them off in winter, not my problem.

See the boar eating the hay. The pigs go through a lot of hay, that the reason, I think, my pork is not "the other white meat", red as can be, not forgetting all the omega and stuff it is loaded with from the hay. My strategic plan to stay away from those greener pasture for a long time, PORK FAT.

Have you heard about the pork fat conspiracy?? During the war pork fat was an important ingredient in explosives and ammunition. So if they could make you, your grandparents I guess, eat margarine instead, more pork fat available for the war effort.

Many of our eating habits were shaped by stuff like this. Later I will tell you about George Orwell´s propaganda against meat, had to do with meat rationing in Britain during the war. Was on the tractor till 8 PM. Then it started to pour, lighting and everything. The cows a little muddy from all that rain. flash flooding, the electricity went for a few hours a pole down they said.

To go to the Spring Lake Farm website click here




IMG_0208 low.jpg

IMG_0209 low.jpg

IMG_0210 low.jpg

IMG_0211 low.jpg

IMG_0212 low.jpg

IMG_0213 low.jpg

IMG_0214 low.jpg

IMG_0215 low.jpg

IMG_0216 low.jpg

IMG_0218 low.jpg

IMG_0219 low.jpg

IMG_0221 low.jpg

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To go to the Spring Lake Farm website click here

Go north young man, at least while it is hot like this. This about the viking settlement in Canada. Maybe you should go there this summer, fly in and rent a car. Who wants to go to Iceland anyways, crawling with tourist all over and not enough toilets I understand.

The author got one thing wrong, not the Norse sagas, THE ICELANDIC SAGAS, written in Iceland by Icelanders in Icelandic. just to keep things straight for crying out loud.

Leif Erickson was born in Iceland and brought up, only later, if I am right, his parents moved to Greenland. As a matter of fact, understand Leif grew up on a farm next to the one my grandfather grew up on.

So you could go to Canada and tell everybody up there, Trump is not your doing even if he is from Queens, that some of you are acutally nice.


So on to the pictures. See that milkweed flowering, have not seen any monarch butterflies around though I think, some yellow and black ones, don´t know their names. Might have seen some and it just did not register, so many things out there this time of year, but don´t think so.

As you know, milkweed is important for the Monarchs, the ones that migrate down to Mexico. Not the butterflies up here though, another generation of them. Maybe the Mexicans should build a wall to keep them out, American butterflies

See that floating cattail in MY pond, think it means there is a muskrat in the pond, eat the cattail. One more thing, see that top of the pine, seems like one of the shoots could not decide which of them was to grow up. How do they decide this? All grow out of the same area in the spring, one going up and the rest to the side, but this one confused. O the mysteries of life.

The grass is Timothy, a good hay grass, in full bloom. There is a grass called Foxtail, not this one, but looks like a foxtail with the pollen on it or what ever it is called on a grass.

To go to the Spring Lake Farm website click here

IMG_0223 low.jpg

IMG_0224 low.jpg

IMG_0226 low.jpg

IMG_0227 low.jpg

IMG_0229 low.jpg

IMG_0230 low.jpg

IMG_0231 low.jpg

IMG_0232 low.jpg

IMG_0233 low.jpg

IMG_0234 low.jpg

IMG_0235 low.jpg

IMG_0236 low.jpg

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To go to the Spring Lake Farm website click here

Fog this morning. You can see the steer were up and about graizing this early, meaning about time to put them on fresh pasture. See Pop doing her yoga exercises. This is the last turkey hen left, used to be a whole flock of them but picked off by the coyotes. She has been with us now for years, something about her, smarter or something, survived. The plan to make fences they can´t get over and the keep the coyotes out, plans plans plans.

Did you hear the Chinese putting 25% tariff on beef, the Canadians 10%. Was that nice? One thing the Chinese, but the Canadians? Maybe the heat got to them, not thinking straight, or they just feel mean mean mean, want to get that Trump for saying all this bad stuff about their prime minister. When the elephants fight us ants get trampled.

On to the real story, I am a falconer now. Well almost, a sparrow-hawker. Now I can hang out with that Bobby Kennedy Junior, him hunting his Republicans and me my sparrows. When  I cam back from buying wrap, it was sitting in the driveway. I got out of the car but it disappeared into the weeds.

Then later I heard the dogs barking and found it there. Maybe the rain washed it out the nest, don´t know if it can fly but will try today. The parents must be around and if it calls them I might let it go.

As of now it is eating chicken hearts from my hand and us getting to know each other, seemed like he enjoyed sitting on my finger while I took the pictures. Looks quite imposing until you see that it is sitting on my finger. ?

Did you know this, during the middle ages the Icelandic falcon  was the most sought after falcon in the whole world, the most important export in those time. The whole country (then a colony of Denmark) organized around it, all the falcons going to the king of Denmark. The flag for Iceland even had a falcon in it, if I know right They where taken out of the nests, brought to Reykjavik and kept in a special house built for that purpose. Fed beef from cattle kept for that purpose and then taken to Denmark where the king would give them as diplomatic gifts or sell. This before the gunpowder and these falcons very important for hunting. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gyrfalcon

Supposed to be the fasted falcon in the world, then because it hunts the Rock ptarmigan - Wikipedia The tales goes that when it tears out its hearts, it cries out because it realizes it is eating its sister or something to that effect. A whole poem on one  excaping through a window and the woman in the house cooking it, a real tearjerker, we read it in school when children. 

One more thing, the Rock ptarmigan has a built in population crash, probably to kill off the falcons. O the mysteries of live.


IMG_0237 low.jpg

IMG_0239 low.jpg

IMG_0241 low.jpg

IMG_0242 low.jpg

IMG_0244 low.jpg

IMG_0245 low.jpg

IMG_0248 low.jpg

IMG_0252 low.jpg

IMG_0253 low.jpg

IMG_0254 low.jpg

Opera Snapshot_2018-07-04_130339_fornleifur.blog.is.jpg


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Rain drops keep falling on my head. Or is is water water everywhere. I think that one was translated into Icelandic, something green seawater all a round, made for seamen, every other person a seaman in those days, sailors, fishermen, what ever.

This heavy thundershower in the morning but supposed to be dry for several days now, will cut tonight into the dark, let the fields dry out at bit. The plan to work on the bull calves this afternoon, really need to get them into that new pasture. Will castrate some and such, a farmer has to do what a farmer has to do.

More on the sparrow hawk, it is a baby, tried to make it fly but it couldn't. I put it outside in a gage but no parents. I could hear another young somewhere calling its parents, exactly the same call, from inside the barn maybe, a sibling?

Anyway I have these chicken hearts and we can finish those at least. Gave it a bath and it looks much much better. Not much to it, you have it on your finger and put it under the faucet, the water of course just the right temperature. Did not like it. Maybe I put it outside in the gage again this afternoon, so if the parents are somewhere they can get show them self's

Noticed something, it has fake eyes on the back of it's head, not perfect but these are obviously for making predators think this is a much bigger bird than it is, took a picture of it.

I know fishermen in India who fish where tigers are, have these hats with eyes on the back of the hats. Supposedly tigers attack from behind and these fake eyes confuse them. Notice the eyes are not perfect, wonder how many millions of years the sparrow hawks have had these fake eyes. One would think they should have gotten them perfect by now. If I was a raccoon or a raven, I would know these are not real eyes, really.

IMG_0256.jpg low.jpg

IMG_0257 low.jpg

IMG_0258 low.jpg

IMG_0259 low.jpg

IMG_0260 low.jpg

IMG_0261 low.jpg

IMG_0263 low.jpg

IMG_0266 low.jpg

IMG_0269 low.jpg

IMG_0271 low.jpg

IMG_0273 low.jpg

IMG_0274 low.jpg

IMG_0275 low.jpg

IMG_0276 low.jpg

IMG_0277 low.jpg

IMG_0278 low.jpg

IMG_0279 low.jpg

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First a correction, I should have known better. These fake eyes on the sparrow hawk become much more real looking when the hawk gets scared, puffs them up and then can fool anybody, stupid me.

Sun this morning, when I am finished with the chores, cut cut cut all day, get as much grass down as possible.

I am going to discuss an issue bound to loose me a customer or two, but I am what I am and not really right to keep it away from you. Found this video on the web Yesterday. Know this whale station very well, drove by it many a time as a child. In those days you could smell it miles before you got to it, the rancid blubber has a very pungent smell. I was reading just Yesterday, fin and blue whales were hunted into near extinction in our times until the hunting stopped in 1966, did not know that.

Here is a blog by the American Ambassador to Iceland, mentions my grandfather who fought very hard against the hunting of whales, published pamphlets and everything. http://ambassadorblogiceland.blogspot.com/2011/09/elves-kjarval-and-whales-in.html

Today there is a stable population of fin whales around Iceland, supposedly competes with blue whales for food and the blue whale still endangered.

I have no problem with these fin whales being hunted in a sustainable manner as long as everything is used, not for animal feed, but for human consumption. So now you know, I am a whale killer, going directly against my grandfather's will. But he was a whale hunter as a young man, I never harmed a whale.

This is an anti whaling propaganda video, but quite fascinating to see, about when they are cutting up the whale like at the butcher. I could write much more about this, but have to go to do the chores.


IMG_0285 low.jpg

IMG_0286 low.jpg


IMG_0289 low.jpg

IMG_0290 low.jpg

IMG_0291 low.jpg

IMG_0293 low.jpg

IMG_0294 low.jpg

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Didn't work out quite as I had planned. Up a little earlier this morning and thought I should get a few pictures of the piglets for you.

Everybody fast a sleep and I tried to get some shots where you could see the sleeping piglets. No luck, they woke up and the mothers behaved as if I was a coyote looking for breakfast. Everybody took off and the mothers warned me, "any closer and you are breakfast". Well the pictures are neat anyway, will take some more in the next days. Spent most of Yesterday cutting and will cut some more today, the weather forecast says no rain for several days.

I am alone on the farm, Temma in the City and Jason taking his weekend, weekends more chores for me. The live of a farmer. Did you do your morning exercises? Pop did.


IMG_0295 low.jpg

IMG_0296 low.jpg

IMG_0297 low.jpg

IMG_0298 low.jpg

IMG_0299 low.jpg

IMG_0300 low.jpg

IMG_0301 low.jpg

IMG_0302 low.jpg

IMG_0303 low.jpg

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I got seriously distracted this morning. I have been on the look out for the sparrow hawks (American kestrel?) parents. So this morning when I went out, I heard this call I reorganized from mine. Looked everywhere and saw this bird on the top of the pine by the house, obviously the same bird.

I went inside in and got the bird (in a little parakeet gage). There we stood waiting for the call again, no call. Took it inside, came out, the same call and me  out with bird again. This time the bird called but no response or interest from mine. Took it in again and went on my walk with the dogs.

More to the story. Been putting him out during the day in this gage, in the hope the parents will hear it's calls, it's sibling around somewhere I think. So Yesterday out it went. Put the gage on top of the caravan in the garage. Out of the sun but easy to see out and for the parents to fly in. So when I came back form cutting, the gage on the ground broken up and no bird. Okay, maybe the parents rolled it over, maybe the cats, maybe it was eaten. Maybe it was very happy to be united with its parents.

Then I heard this call, extremely difficult to locate where it came from. I looked in the weeds all around, no bird. When I had given up I realized the call was coming from above my head and there it was sitting on a low branch calling out for somebody.  I lifted my hand and it went on my finger. 

So when I came in from the walk this morning I got a chicken heart out of the fridge, cut it up and went for the bird. Now it just sits on the table taking the strips from my hand. When I came back with the bird, Clementine was happily eating the heart so I had to get another one, not that many hearts left. As I am writing this, it is sitting on my shoulder seems to like that, bites my ear ones in a while. I am even thinking about taking it outside and if it wants to fly away, let it.

Nothing like a refreshing swim in the morning is the there.

Now it is preening it self, must be relaxed. I figure, if I put it outside like this in the gage, the parents must hear its calls and know it is around, let nature takes its course. It had the change Yesterday to fly away, probably a matter of days until it can fly I figure. 

IMG_0304 low.jpg

IMG_0305 low.jpg

IMG_0307 low.jpg

IMG_0308 low.jpg

IMG_0310 low.jpg

IMG_0311 low.jpg

IMG_0312 low.jpg

IMG_0313 low.jpg

IMG_0315 low.jpg

IMG_0316 low.jpg

IMG_0317 low.jpg

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This haying thing is starting to get old and not half done. O well, one just has to keep on trucking round and round and round the fields. Nice to be outside, sometimes amazing views on top of the hills, breeze and everything, starting to look like a homeless person, so tan.

All kind of animals checking what is available when I have removed the grass cover, crows and ravens, falcons and coyotes, even eagles ones in a while, none this year though. I was haying a field Yesterday. The one who hayed it before me, maybe 10 years ago, claimed he saw a mountain lion. I saw one in the winter so he was probably telling the truth.

I am putting a picture of the wound  on the stallion in, feel it is not so gruesome anymore, took it this morning. Don´t know if it is going to close up this summer but but hopefully. Was all around the hove in the beginning, deep into the flesh from a wire. 

As you can see the flies are starting to get bothersome to the cattle. You can get special ear tags with insecticide in them. But no drugs, insecticides on this farm, no nothing. There were three birds on the nose of this cow, flew off before I could take the picture. Surely feeding some young's somewhere with these flies.

Anything else. Yes able to mow the lawn Yesterday, a spindle went in the mower deck and took us a few weeks to get one on Ebay and replace. On a farm everything brakes down when you are using it, not when it is sleeping in the barn.

See the boar eating the hay? The pigs eat a lot of it, the theory goes, the hay is loaded with omega3 and all that good stuff, keeping your heart and brain healthy, lets not forget the rest of your body joints and everything. The business model being, you live to a ripe old age and I sell you many a pig.

One more thing, while I am writing this and had breakfast, the sparrow hawk is sitting on my shoulder, seems to like that, nibbles my ear ones in a while. Seriously thinking about doing the chores with it on my shoulder, maybe the parents will see it, maybe it can fly away, let him decide.


IMG_0320 low.jpg

IMG_0321 low.jpg


IMG_0323 low.jpg

IMG_0325 low.jpg

IMG_0327 low.jpg

IMG_0328 low.jpg

IMG_0331 low.jpg

IMG_0332 low.jpg

IMG_0333 low.jpg

IMG_0334 low.jpg

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First on this top of the pine tree. I wrote about it a few days ago, as if one of the shoots was confused, didn´t know it was supposed to grow sideways. The first picture taken then. The second picture today, seems like the tree has corrected it self!! What do you think about that you vegetarian murderers?

Took the sparrow hawk with me on my shoulder Yesterday doing the chores, flew off twice. First when I opened up for the geese, must have looked like Jurassic Park to it, these "dinosaurs" bursting out through the door. It only flew about 10 feet and tried to sit on something but fell down. The second time when we were coming from the chicks, us attacked by two red winged blackbirds. They are actually bigger than the sparrow hawk. This was quite a bit like "Honey I shrunk the kids", me and the sparrow hawk being attacked by these giant black birds. But again, only flew about 20 feet and landed on the ground where I picket it up. Will do the chores again with it on my shoulder, can do what it want´s, be free or live with me, will feel hurt though.

Took some pictures of the channels, managed to finish a piece while it was raining, put down grass seed and everything. These channels are filled with live, this duck had half grown ducklings, not a mallard. 

Saw the first monarch butterfly Yesterday, meant to write about the milk weed monarch butterfly connection. Roadsides are important to wild plants, fields have to grow grass or other crops and not much space for wild plants. 

Pop and Pez took their swim, Pip never goes into the water. Supposed to be the same breed but different instincts.

One more thing, at least half of the apple trees I planted survived. The problem, even if you try watering them, the water just runs off but doesn´t get into the ground where the roots are. Next year I am going to try a trick I thought up. Take a five gallon bucket as you can buy in Lowes og Homedepot. Drill a hole into to bottom and attach a short pipe about maybe 6 inches and put the pipe into the ground when I plant the tree. Then I can pour the water into the bucket and it is forced into the ground around the roots. Neat, right?

Maybe it is not the same tree, have to check it tomorrow, jumping to conclusions my favorite sport.


IMG_0227 low.jpg

IMG_0337.jpg low.jpg

IMG_0336 low.jpg

IMG_0340 low.jpg

IMG_0341 low.jpg

IMG_0342 low.jpg

IMG_0343 low.jpg

IMG_0344 low.jpg

IMG_0346 low.jpg

IMG_0350 low.jpg

IMG_0351 low.jpg

IMG_0352 low.jpg

IMG_0353 low.jpg

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This is going to be extremely short just the pictures, I have to go to a meeting after chores, will explain the pictures tonight, a lot to tell.

IMG_0354 low.jpg

IMG_0355 low.jpg

IMG_0356 low.jpg

IMG_0357 low.jpg

IMG_0359 low.jpg

IMG_0360 low.jpg

IMG_0361 low.jpg

IMG_0363 low.jpg

IMG_0365 low.jpg

IMG_0366 low.jpg

IMG_0367 low.jpg

IMG_0369 low.jpg

IMG_0370 low.jpg

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