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Something interesting going on with me taking these pictures every morning, understanding better how the light works in a photograph, A photograph is nothin but light after all. Go out for a few minutes with the dogs, point the camera and take a few pictures, the important thing they are taken this morning. But then I start to see things differently the light, composition and things, less importand what the pictures are about, interesting. Just how the light bounces of the pigs interesting.

I used the weekend and this the last day to clean out this future field and use the stones from it to line the bed of the creek. Going to move the creek to the place it was before the flood of 1996. Will hopefully take some pictures and put in tomorrow. The cow calf herd is supposed to go in there when I am finished, been a little too long in the field they are in now and complaining. As a farmer you feel bad when you do this to them, guilt. But hey can clean up a little better, but used to be moved when the best grass in gone, spoiled? 

IMG_1022 low.jpg

IMG_1023 low.jpg

IMG_1024 low.jpg

IMG_1026 low.jpg

IMG_1027 low.jpg

IMG_1028 low.jpg

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So becouse it was a long weekend I felt I could work on one of my pet projects, putting the creek back where it was running before the flood of 1996. Since then the creek has been going through a field and the plan always to put it back, just wanted to do it right so it would stay there.

Here at 2000 feet, the snow accumulates from mid December all the way into April sometimes and the spring melt sometimes spetacular. Have been working on this for years, cleaning stone out of this field and dumping there, about done.

Without this rock bucket on the skid steer, everything would be more difficult, scoop up the dirt and stones, shake everything like a crazy man by going back and forth and then dump the stone into this artificial riverbed, not bad e. Over did it a little bit Yesterday, thought I could finish before nightfall.


IMG_1035 low.jpg

IMG_1037 low.jpg

IMG_1039 low.jpg

IMG_1040 low.jpg

IMG_1043 low.jpg

IMG_1044 low.jpg

IMG_1045 low.jpg

IMG_1046 low.jpg

IMG_1047 low.jpg

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So I put the creek in its old place just before nightfall only about 20 plus years after it broke out. Then the plan to fill up the gully it made through the field, but will wait to see how the creek behaves, if it is happy in it new old place. With water nothing changes for years and then a flood and the water does strange things.

The whole landscape on the farm and the whole valley for that matter, maybe even big parts of New York State made in some one megaflood thousands of years ago when the ice retreated after the iceage, the ice making big lakes, must have been something. One can tell how big or small that flood was on the farm by the size of the stones, can pull almost all of them out of the ground with the backhoe. In a field I hay in the next walley, they are bigger, the flood there nastier  I figure. Then I pull these stones out where they have been for some thousands of years, make you think.

Putting one picture in from the day before, forgot I was going to tell you about it. If you look at the top, you see the cows up there. They were not happy at all, supposed to be in the field I was working in a couple of days before and knew it. So when they saw me down there below, they started to bellow at me, wanted to be let out. 

IMG_1039 low.jpg

IMG_1060 low.jpg

IMG_1061 low.jpg

IMG_1048 low.jpg

IMG_1049 low.jpg

IMG_1050 low.jpg

IMG_1051 low.jpg

IMG_1052 low.jpg

IMG_1057 low.jpg

IMG_1058 low.jpg

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So what happened Yesterday morning, I took the camera and went outside with the dogs and everything. Took these nice pictures and all, pleased with my self. But when I went inside I realized I had forgotten to put the card into the camera, no pictures. Then I had to go with the wife and forgot the whole thing.

But here I am again, pictures from this morning if nothing special. This must be somekind og water spider on the floating leaf. If you look at the second picture you can see some cows on the bottom of it. They are going to be happy there for a few days until they start calling me again. Then there are two more fields and maybe some grass back in the one they just came out of when they are finished with those. Then we will be into late September or even October and feeding season starting.

I think I might be having problems with coyotes taking new calf´s, saw one injured. The problem, the cows hide them in the grass while they are grazing. So if the coyotes find them, they are defendless. The answer better fencing, never never ever give up the motto.

These are not coyotes anymore, getting bigger every year. As you know these "coyotes" came from the west when the local wolves were exterminated a long time ago. Supposedly they mixed with wolves up norh in Canada and therfore in their genetical makeup to become bigger if the prey they live on makes it to their advantige to be bigger.

IMG_1062 low.jpg

IMG_1063 low.jpg

IMG_1064 low.jpg

IMG_1067 low.jpg

IMG_1068 low.jpg

IMG_1069 low.jpg

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So about 5 PM Yesterday, I was told three cattle were making their way to our farm. Me and Jason suspected them being from our neighbor and went over there. Two horsese outside the fence but nobody at home. A statetrooper came, a young woman, another neighbor and us all setup for a round up. These were three almost grown bulls, belted Galloways and on the highway by now. We worked them slowly back and into a fence, put the horses back in. The lady trooper then took our names, what year we were born and everything, wanted to credit us for job well done in her report she said. As I said to Jason afterwards alway fun hanging around good looking lady troopers. Behaved my self at least 93% with my "Icelandic" manners. 

When you go out in the morning, you never know what the light is going to do to the pictures, depends on the cloudcover I gather, how high the clouds are etc. See that tree felled at least 6 inches. While I was cleaning stones out of this field just before nighfall I listened to this program on beavers and the beaver believers. Fascinating, before the Europeans came the beavers ruled, every creek every river from the east to the west was dammed by them and the landscapes totally different, lakes and ponds even in areas that are almost deserts today. Ranchers in Wyoming wanting beavers on their land because they hold the water back and raise the ground water level, greener pasture and every thing.




IMG_1078 low.jpg

IMG_1079 low.jpg

IMG_1073 low.jpg

IMG_1074 low.jpg

IMG_1075 low.jpg

IMG_1077 low.jpg

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Felt like in the fourties when I went outside, but they say it is going to warm up again, rain for tomorrow they say. Not much to these pictures but two of the field I cleaned the stones out off. Three days with other chores, picking up meat at Steiner, going with the wife, putting this pig up for auction and such. Not perfect but at leasrt I can mow this pasture now, keep the weeds down and the multiflora that was moving in. 

Pop is back in circulation, out of heat, had to be locked up. She is not having pups this time, but mentioned to the wife I might want to breed her next time, she did not protest, knowing her now almost half a century, taking it as an agreement. Pups next summer, you can put in orders right now. ?

IMG_1080 low.jpg

IMG_1081 low.jpg

IMG_1084 low.jpg

IMG_1085 low.jpg

IMG_1086 low.jpg

IMG_1087 low.jpg

IMG_1088 low.jpg

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That was one short walk, raining and cold, but a walk. As you can see the dogs not too excited either, wanted to get back inside. Yesterday I was helping Temma with the paintings, taking pictures and such. Going to deliver one this Sunday to a gallery on Manhattan with the meat.

So the delivery is on no matter how few orders. Then I screened dirt I had dug out to lengthen my channels. Turned out ( I think) the dirt there was mostly stone and clay, maybe even high quality potters clay. I used to be a potter before I became a farmer and dream about going back to potting. So what if I can use the clay on the farm?? then everything adds up.

I come from a country that has 24 hours day light in the summer. Then as we get into mid August and then September the dark nights come back. When I was a child, first time 11 years old, I was sent to farm during the summer to stay out of trouble in the City and earn my keep. Full four months.

This farm did not have electricity, not really a problem during the summer and sometimes we would work thru the night haying or shearing the sheep. Then by mid August the dark would come back and they would light a small kerosene lamp in the kitchen when we came in late. Then as we got into September a bigger pressure kerosene lantern in the room we slept in. I would usually leave early, mid September, just after the sheep had been gatherd from the mountains.

The farmers from further down would come up to our farm and help with the gathering, lot of horses and dogs. They would come and get breakfast in the room I slept in very early in the morning, still dark evern, me waking up with the men sitting almost on my bed around this little table in the room. The farmhouse looked very much like this one, even the last farmhouse livef in in Iceland with the cows right under the living quarters to keep the people warm.

I am writing about this, because here in central New York the light also changes, now mid September it starts to get dark after 7 PM. I try to work outside until then so I can quite about the time the chicken go in so I can close them up, then dinner. Kind of nice working with the light

IMG_1130 low.jpg

IMG_1131 low.jpg

IMG_1132 low.jpg

IMG_1134 low.jpg

IMG_1135 low.jpg


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Everything on the up and up this morning. All systems working, both the steer and the pig I auctioned almost gone. The tractor I bought in south Florida loaded Yesterday and even north of where the hurricane is supposed to come on land by now. About the systems I have been developing, working and you using them so everything is good.

I tell you, lot of pleasure in picking up the meat at Steiner, dividing it into lots, putting it on the net and you coming in and taking it, feels like feeding a big family I tell you. Food is special and meat extra special. I have this believe, meat the only real food, everything else mostly fake, that the reason they are breeding all these fancy colors onto the greens, to fool you into it is real food.

Remember I come from a country that didn't have any vegetables , none until the potato came. So you have to forgive my extreme believes, in a way still a caveman. ?

Still raining this morning but warming up.


IMG_1137 low.jpg

IMG_1140 low.jpg

IMG_1141 low.jpg

IMG_1142 low.jpg

IMG_1144 low.jpg

IMG_1145 low.jpg

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So the saga on the tractor keeps on going. Still in Florida. Got an email from Stefanie it had not been loaded after all, a flat tire and the trucker in a time crunch couldn't wait for it to be taken care of,  being rescheduled, the tire taken care of. Well at least it is south of the hurricane, not moving towards it on a truck somewhere in the Carolinas stuck in a traffic jam or floating to the sea. A lot to worry about for a farmer looking forward to staying warm inside a cab tractor this winter.

Took care of these four fence posts coming out of the ground Yesterday. Been this way for a few years, done, looks good, straight and nice, took a few hours. Going to mow the lawns when done with the chores. Last time I did them I ended on a sour note, Seemed like one of the blades had bent and I would have to change it out. So Yesterday just before dark I drove the mower up on ramps to get to the blade, crawled underneath to find out which blade it was. All straight and nice. So either a stone or a branch got caught in there and then just fell out, or the mower healed it self in the barn, who am I to complain.

I think the dogs encountered a muskrat maybe by the pond this morning, hissing and stuff going on. Don't know what it was but made sure to stay out of the way, the dogs supposed to do this. Nothing against muskrats but if this was a mink, better dead than alive I say this close to the chicken. 

IMG_1146 low.jpg

IMG_1148 low.jpg

IMG_1149 low.jpg

IMG_1150 low.jpg

IMG_1151 low.jpg

IMG_1153 low.jpg

IMG_1156 low.jpg

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Fog this morning. The delivery developing into being on the bigger side. This time you will only be able to follow how the delivery is going here:  

Kind of nice having all these systems working for the delivery, can push it into the back of my mind and just take care of it Friday and Saturday, much less stress that way. Think we are on the right track with this, but then you have to understand you are dealing directly with a farmer, with all the good and bad coming with that.

As you can see hint of fall in the pictures, will be interesting to follow the change as we move on. I have to check on the mares today, see if they have enough grass, there on the top of the hill and the soil thin dries out late summer. Usually this time og year I have to put a hay bale up there to supplement the pasture. Pretty sure they are good, been that wet, but should check.

Checking on the horses is always a pleasure, greet me as if I am one of them, long time no see kind of thing. Maybe I bring the camera.

IMG_1157 low.jpg

IMG_1159 low.jpg

IMG_1161 low.jpg

IMG_1163 low.jpg

IMG_1164 low.jpg

IMG_1166 low.jpg

IMG_1168 low.jpg

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Was cleaning out a ditch on top of the hill Yesterday and looked up. So impressed with the view I went home to get the camera, the first pictures. So today I am going to move some dirt and the towards evening work on the delivery. You will start getting the totals by evening. Really trying not to think about the delivery until late Friday, all the systems working and taking care of them self's

As long as you remember I am just a farmer trying to get the food to you as directly as I can, this will work. But if you forget that and expect me to be some fancy delivery business we will fail, can't keep it up. This time we are only going to have one place to check how the delivery is going, trying to make things as simple as can be: 


IMG_1169 low.jpg

IMG_1170 low.jpg

IMG_1171 low.jpg

IMG_1173 low.jpg

IMG_1174 low.jpg

IMG_1176 low.jpg

IMG_1178 low.jpg

IMG_1179 low.jpg

IMG_1181 low.jpg

IMG_1182 low.jpg

IMG_1183 low.jpg

IMG_1184 low.jpg

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Spent Yesterday moving dirt. Had planed to start setting up the delivery later in the day, but decided, the systems were taking care of them selfs and it would be enough to spend today on it, we will see. Will do the chores, then sit down, put everything together and send you the totals. Then go over to the freezers, make up the boxes and sort out the auctions, we will see how late into the night we have to work.

I was adding to my chanel system, really belive I can catch all the nutrients and put back on the pastures with them, maybe in a 100 years these channels will be my legasy.

Matthew sent me this, have to read it better, lot of truth in it, but at same time you do need the right equipment.  


Also I want to remind you, the only place you can check how the deilvery is going is here:




IMG_1185 low.jpg

IMG_1186 low.jpg

IMG_1187 low.jpg

IMG_1189 low.jpg

IMG_1190 low.jpg

IMG_1191 low.jpg

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So it was raining this morning, can't say I took a walk but I did get outside to take these pictures. These pictures taken every morning are supposed to proof the farm is for real, the animals on it and me, believe it or not. Some of you have actually seen me in real life, you would have to believe that one.

During the delivery, meeting you all (a real privilege) and all, I started to think what my customers had in common, what would be the one quality. Good looking and healthy, taking care of your self's would be the common denominator believe it or not. Going to be my new campaign, how special you all are, cool and hip, leaving the Marlboro man where he belongs.

So Pez starting whining about 1 AM, took him outside and he was quiet after that, must have needed to do either one or two. I think maybe Pez is a special dog and told Temma over breakfast. She was not impressed. I still think he is special, one in a milljon, just the way he looks at you.

Supposed to bring two pigs and two cattle to Steiner today. The plan to auction both pigs off and one steer before next delivery. Then there are not going to be pigs for a while, enough cattle. The problem one has to plan a couple of years ahead. Last fall I took some piglets to market, not selling too much pork at that point. So now not enough. 

But what can I say, still at it and quite an accomplishment if I say so my self. The tractor on its way somewhere between Southern Florida and here, will put in pictures when it comes. We just have to hope it is not in the Carolinas learning to swim, would think they would go inland up interstate 81 or even further inland interstate 77 something.

IMG_1202 low.jpg

IMG_1203 low.jpg

IMG_1204 low.jpg

IMG_1205 low.jpg

IMG_1206 low.jpg

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Noticed Yesterday the view was kind of special with the clouds, so I took the last picture then. Fog this morning and then the camera started to act up or something. A dark chicken on a dark morning I guess. Was able to lighten it up, but still a dark chicken. Don't really know why I am breeding chicken like that, maybe the only reason I can.

Just to show you how things sometimes work out on a farm  and you have to replan, will I tell you this story. Yesterday two cattle and two pigs were supposed to go to Steiner. I got the steers/bulls into the fold, no problem what so ever, seems like my breeding only keeping the calm animals is paying off. On  the trailer they went and me and Jason went on to load the pigs.

Set up the panels, put out the corn and the pigs piled into the trailer. Then a chain I thought I had done right was actually loose and the pig that was supposed to go took off. Only one pig went to Steiner and I will do that one on the farm, plans have to changes as you go.

Not really a problem, running out of pigs anyway because I took them to market last fall, good to do this one on the farm. Going to auction the one that went to Steiner so we will not have pig shares for a while. 

IMG_1208 low.jpg

IMG_1209 low.jpg

IMG_1211 low.jpg

IMG_1213 low.jpg

IMG_1215 low.jpg

IMG_1216 ad low.jpg

IMG_1216 low.jpg

IMG_1207 low.jpg

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So I did put a post in Yesterday but it got lost, the connection to the internet acting up or something. As you can see,fall starting. The tractor from Florida  supposed to come today, will put in some pictures. Going to cut some grass today hopefully, but have to be round for when the tractor comes. Maybe I do some work on next delivery, why not. Both mowers good and ready to go, one broke down last fall and only now back in shape, broke, had to be taken all apart and quite a bit of welding done. 

Colder this morning put on a shirt, soon it will be layers. But now I have a cab tractor should be a lot easier getting hay to cows. 

IMG_1246 low.jpg

IMG_1247 low.jpg

IMG_1248 low.jpg

IMG_1250 low.jpg

IMG_1251 low.jpg

IMG_1244 low.jpg

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I considers these daily posts and pictures a proof I am what I say I am, you by seeing the pictures done that day can see what I am about, dogs f nothing else ?.

So the tractor was supposed to be here Yesterday but got a call from the driver he was stuck in North Carolina, too many detours and stuff, said he would be here by supper today. The last equipment on the trailer and that he lived not far from me.

To be honest, a little worried this was some kind of internet scam, me buying it of the internet and the money somewhere in eastern Europe by now. Not really really worried, but a little anxiety nagging at me somewhere. Most people honest in my experience but enough crooks to mess things up. The driver was chatty, probably driving, must be lonely on the road if neat to see the country. 

A lot colder this morning but not complaining, 27 degrees in Reykjavik Iceland overnight. Think this might be a cold winter, the warm spell we have enjoyed the last winters over.

Have you heard this one: This guy died and went to Hell made bad choses in his live. He got a guide to show him different places to spend eternity in. Saw all kind of bad ones until he came to one where everybody was drinking coffee knee deep in mud, said he would take that one. Then a voice came over the loudspeaker "coffee brake over, everybody on their hands".  

IMG_1256 low.jpg

IMG_1257 low.jpg

IMG_1259 low.jpg

IMG_1260 low.jpg

IMG_1255 low.jpg

IMG_1257 low.jpg

IMG_1258 low.jpg

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The tractor came. The good news it was very much what I expected, no nasty surprices. The power steering pump sits on top of the engine, said in the condition report it was leaking (seeping). Think it is just a bad hydraulic hose, a minor thing. This tractor came out of a leasing program and no detailing done, should not cost too much to get it in top condition and use for years and years. Going tomorrow to order a loader for it, has to be put on before winter. The tires are done, the fronts cost about $300 a piece, have good used rears and chains cost about $400, necessary in the snow. 

One funny, probably done to help the air-conditioning in the Florida heat, the glass is darkened. Actually a good thing, a plastic film easily removed, would have protected the glass from scratches.

Started second cutting, don't know how much I am going to do but will do some depending on the weather I guess.

IMG_1262 low.jpg

IMG_1264 low.jpg

IMG_1266 low.jpg

IMG_1268 low.jpg

IMG_1268 W low.jpg

IMG_1269 low.jpg

IMG_1270 low.jpg

IMG_1273 low.jpg

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Didn't even try seriously to take any pictures this morning, heavy fog and I went back in in a hurry. No fog now but not up to taking more pictures, down this morning. Maybe it has something to do with this tractor, just too much getting it, took everything out of me. Pleased with the tractor but in the end why try so hard making this work.

Us farmers are really part of the "untouchable" class in this modern society of ours. If I was to go down, just another farmer beating the dust, the norm here in New York State. Well one day at a time, will work on the next delivery this week, order the loader for this tractor and get ready for winter, enough grazing for the cattle into November and more than enough hay, never neve ever give up or what? The funny thing the deliveries becoming important part of the farming, getting off the farm, seeing you my customers etc. 

IMG_1275 low.jpg

IMG_1276 low.jpg

IMG_1274 low.jpg

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Dramtacilly warmer this morninjg, mabe the winter is not coming next week, felt like it Yesterday morning. Me and Jason spent good part of Yesterday washing down the tractor from Florida. When done by nightfall we went quicly over it what was wrong, what parts to order and such. The steering pump on top of the engine leaking, going to pull it off to see what the problem is, might just be a bad O-ring. The hydraulic pump not delivering pressure to the three point hitch, we have to figure out why. The pump it self must be good, the hydraulic clutch depends on it if I am right, might just be an adjustment, dirty filter even. For some reason the electric charging system starting working, was not working when it came. Otherwise everything good as far as we could see, a leak by the engine filter, a bad casket where the filter mounting goes onto the engine, a minor thing. AC worked and everything.

So today I plan to send Jason to order some parts, ordered the loader for it Monday, supposed to come in mid November. So this winter we will have three tractors to move and feed bales, one of them with a cab, what luxury. Here is a prediction, this winter is going to be cold, understand the Artic is cooling off early and the ice in Greenland been growing these last two years, but what do I know about the future.

The plan to work on dividing what is in the freezers into shares today, try to start getting next delivery together.



IMG_1277 low.jpg

IMG_1280 low.jpg

IMG_1282 low.jpg

IMG_1285 low.jpg

IMG_1287 low.jpg

IMG_1288 low.jpg

IMG_1278 low.jpg

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Nice morning. As you can see on the pictures, fall starting to show on the trees, will be interseting to see the change as we go forward and then go back to see the timeline. So me and Jason ripped the new used tractor apart Yesterday to get to the parts that need fixing. Changed fluids and filters, want to make in as good condition as we can before the loader comes to put on it, supposed to be here by mid November. I was going to cut grass this morning but the forecast says rain by morning. Sitting here writing this listening to the hearing.


IMG_1293 low.jpg

IMG_1295 low.jpg

IMG_1289 low.jpg

IMG_1290 low.jpg

IMG_1291 low.jpg

IMG_1292 low.jpg

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Rained over night, as you see the ducks are loving all this water. The delivery is going to be Sunday Oct. 15. This day been crazy the reason this is so late. This is what happens when you are trying to do everything at the same time. 

IMG_1301 low.jpg

IMG_1304 low.jpg

IMG_1296 low.jpg

IMG_1298 low.jpg

IMG_1299 low.jpg

IMG_1300 low.jpg

IMG_1297 low.jpg

IMG_1302 low.jpg

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Almost sun this morning and going to be for several days, been raining a lot this summer. Just read a theory why. The radiation from the sun is changing and we on our way into a cold period. And when the atmosphere cools, it shrinks and less space for the jet streams up there to stay in there place and they wander all over, bringing unsettled weather hither and dither. Now you know that.

So when I am finished with this I will go out and cut all day into the night. Took these pictures this morning, again, you never know what the camera does to the light. Got the next delivery on its legs, one mistake after another but all somewhat minor and easily taken care of ones they were pointed out to me as you did, THANK YOU. Next delivery October 14th not the 15th, links to the wrong spreadsheets, permit to put in bid not done. But now I think we are on the straight and narrow.

See that stallion teasing the cows, a neat picture I think. See that piglet, might keep it for breeding just for the color. Fall is coming as you can see on the trees. Got an email Yesterday from the agricultural college I went to. 50 years reunion next summer, I guess time flies when you are having fun.

There it is in Borgarfjörður Iceland. Not too far from where my grandfather grew up on the next farm to where Erik the red, the father of Leif Ericsson, had a  farm before he was expelled for murder and went to Greenland. We go way back in Iceland just so you know. Did I tell you I am supposedly a direct decendant of Harold Blutooth king of Denmark who was a direct desndant of Odin him self. So now you know that. ?




IMG_1313 low.jpg

IMG_1314 low.jpg

IMG_1315 low.jpg

IMG_1320 low.jpg

IMG_1322 low.jpg

IMG_1323 low.jpg

IMG_1325 low.jpg

IMG_1326 low.jpg

IMG_1328 low.jpg

IMG_1329 low.jpg


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In the forties this morning but warmed up quickly. The problem I cut lot of grass Yesterday, thinking it would be sun today, mostly overcast, not so sure the grass will be dry enough by tomorrow afternoon to bale, supposed to rain Tuesday. This is farming for you.

As you probably noticed English my third language, first Icelandic, then Danish and English the third. So when I am writing here I sometimes ask Temma how a word is written if I can´t get the spellchecker to regonize my gibberish. One problem I sometimes have, knowing when to write "of" or "off". I know you write off when turning something off, but then I get confused sometimes.

Found out just Yesterday you say "of" and "off" differently, my ears not trained to hear the difference, never caught it all these decades I have lived here. In Icelandic there is no "w" so I can't really hear the difference between "v" and "w". Like the Japanese can't hear the difference between "L" and "R". When they want to say "fried rice"  it becomes "flied lice" in their mouth. I once worked with a Japanese guy in a factory, the CO's name Orri, he called him Olli, so I know this to be true.

So I think I have eliminated all mistakes putting up the next delivery to be Oct. 14th not the 15th, the steer share spreadsheet visible, you able to bid in the auction. Small mistakes and not too stressful correcting them, so we are good.

By the way, my computer on the blink, have to sit here breathing carefully. If I move it, it sometimes dies, a bad connection in it somewhere. Ordered a new one from HP coming from China, so until then we have to cross our fingers and hope this one keeps on going.

One lucky thing, Jason my worker is a A1 mechanic, can fix this computer or anything. Comes from a long line of German watchmakers I understand. Some of us are luckier than others having somebody like that working on their farm. So the plan is ones the new computer is here, to fix this one and have as a backup.

IMG_1335 low.jpg

IMG_1337 low.jpg

IMG_1330 low.jpg

IMG_1332 low.jpg

IMG_1333 low.jpg

IMG_1334 low.jpg

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