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Grey this morniing, starting to think the hay will not be dry enough to bale this afternoon and supposed to rain tomorrow, unusual summer I have to say. Been thinking latley if I am on the right track with my direct marketing and the conclusion I am, will stick to how we are doing it from now on. Or as they say in the Army: "keep it simple stupid", stupid being me. My delivery route goes where millions and millions of people live and no need to expand, on that. This one farm, one farmer and that's it, we will then keep on trucking as long as I can drive, take care of the animals, fix the machinery, maybe we can all end up in the same nursing home in many many years, how about it Be like the old people in Japan take care of our selfs, nobody else to do it anyway.

So when I am really really down, I get my self up by thinkin food is different, so I must be doing something important. And I think some of you understand that, us a secret society, .

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Grey this morniing, starting to think the hay will not be dry enough to bale this afternoon and supposed to rain tomorrow, unusual summer I have to say. Been thinking latley if I am on the right track with my direct marketing and the conclusion I am, will stick to how we are doing it from now on. Or as they say in the Army: "keep it simple stupid", stupid being me. My delivery route goes where millions and millions of people live and no need to expand, on that. This one farm, one farmer and that's it, we will then keep on trucking as long as I can drive, take care of the animals, fix the machinery, maybe we can all end up in the same nursing home in many many years, how about it Be like the old people in Japan take care of our selfs, nobody else to do it anyway.

So when I am really really down, I get my self up by thinkin food is different, so I must be doing something important. And I think some of you understand that, us a secret society, .

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Rained last night and during night. Pulled another fast one, able to bale everything and Jason then wrapped the bales in plastic. Not dry but dry enough to be baled and wrapped. Then it will cure a little bit like sauer-craut and the cows will love it. What happens the bacteria on the hay will use up the oxygen in the bale and because no new oxygen can come from outside, other anaerobic bacteria will take over and turn everything sour by fermentation until everything stop when the moisture in the hay is sour enough to stop all bacterial activity. Then as long as the plastic wrap stays intact the hay will stay like that. The problem crows like to make holes in it, deer rub their antlers against it, probably raccoons rip it, voles dig under it and into the bales, always something, nothing perfect in this world.

More on Pez still being a puppy, this a picture of him this morning not lifting his leg almost a year old and still growing it seems, bigger than his father by now.

Have to say, amazing I pulled this off, started baling about 1:30 PM and kept on going til a little past 7PM and all done. All the time the rain was in the air, a drop there and a drop here but never rained. The field is on a slope and I would almost drive into and out of the cloud on top of the hill, fog once you are in it. From the top you can see all around over the mountains, maybe we are closer to Heaven here.

Talking about Heaven and how us Icelanders imagine it. Always sun, only rains between 3 and 4 in the morning. Gentle mountains, perfect weather of course, warm but not hot, a lot like a summer day in the Catskills I gather.


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Wrote a long thing Yesterday, all got lost, my old computer acting up. Will try to redo it today. Mostly me ranting about how and why my meat is better. Putting in one photo from Yesterday to proof my point, the rest taken this morning.

Using my new computer now and Yesterday I was moving pictures from the old one over on this one. Thinking I should do a monthly collection of the photos I like the most. Then a yearly collection, some really nice in there if I say so my self. 

So there is the picture of this steer, has 16 in its tag meaning it was born sometime in 2016. Two years old and starting on its third. Not totally finished, from now on it will start putting on fat and fill out. Takes them almost three years on grass and hay only. In the feedlot on corn, hormones and antibiotics they grow out and fatten in less than two years. Actually their guts are not made for such a diet so they are sick when slaughtered, that one reason they have the wrong bacteria in them that then infects you when you eat the meat.

We routinely eat our beef almost raw or raw, believing (and not getting sick), that because the cattle is healthy on their right diet, they have the right bacteria in them and that you are not only buying the meat but the bacterial flora on the farm. Because no matter how cleanly you butcher the meat, it will always always have bacteria in it and on. Either the right one for your gut or the wrong one, just the way it is. Anyway, very different from what I wrote Yesterday, more fire and brimstone, this bland in comparison. :-)

IMG_1372 low.jpg

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Another grey day in the Catskills, something about the weather, the jet streams or something lot of moisture in the air. You can see the cows in the last field before they have to go on hay. Actually gave them a bale so they could fill up as they graze. If I had enough fencing, I could graze them well into December, have enough fields, will do that with the main herd I think, just have not fenced enough fields. For three reasons mostly. Fencing costs money, then one has to have time to do it. But also because I have been planing for years how to do the fencing. Want to have it so I can move them naturally from field to field. They know when it is time to go into a fresh field and if I push them to clean up a little better, they know and let it be known to the world by standing by the gate bellowing.

Woke up this morning all stiff and decided old age was getting to me. Then I remembered I had picked up two steers and a pig at Steiner. Involves putting the meat into the truck and then into the freezers, lot of lifting and carrying. So maybe I am not getting old after all. Did you read about Thor and how the troll tricked him when he went to their world. First they had him drink mead from a horn. He drank and drank, but could not finish it because they had connected it to the ocean, the reason we have tides today. Then they had him wrestle and old lady and he could not win but got her down on one leg. She was age itself. Then they had him use the Thor's hammer on something, can't remember what,. They somehow had him hit a mountain instead of this something else I can't remember, made a canyon in the mountain. Sure you can google it if you want to know the whole story.

See the sheep and in one picture the white dot up by the trees. That's Zola, likes to sleep where he can see everything.  Between the Great Pyrenians and the other dogs we are not loosing animals to predators anymore. At last I was able to get something right, took decades to figure it out. Something about never giving up, never ever. Not about being smart, just stubborn beyond any reason.

IMG_1388 low.jpg

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IMG_1394 low.jpg

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Another foggy grey morning in the Catskills. Starting to believe this theory is right. Here it is: "the sun goes though cycles and right now at some kind of a record minimum, no sunspots and less radiation, less energy output and the result colder stratosphere. The result again the earth's atmosphere shrinks, the clouds lower in the sky".

Seems like it, the clouds at ground level these days here at 2000 feet. But Yesterday by nightfall the sun was out when I came home from cutting grass. The sun was about to go behind the hill west of us, so I went inside to get the camera, you see the result in some of the pictures. You see Adam the stallion with his buddies the chicken. You see the sheep in the sun but the shadow from the hill about to swallow them. You see Jason working on the Kubota's, both in the hospital being readied for the winter. As you see one is split to do work on the clutch, slowly being put back together again. Then the new old cab-Kubota that just came from Floirda with its hood off, the steering pump being rebuilt, a hydraulic pump replaced, lights redone and last all tires to be changed, little things here and there.

The last pictures from this morning in the fog. Maybe up to a hundred wild ducks on the pond below the house, took off when I came, probably just coming trhough, but not sure, might have bred on the farm.152755224_IMG_1422low.thumb.jpg.d512bf1f7c708460ac8c6974bce9d9cb.jpg

IMG_1401 low.jpg

IMG_1402 low.jpg

IMG_1404 low.jpg

IMG_1405 low.jpg

IMG_1406 low.jpg

IMG_1408 low.jpg

IMG_1409 low.jpg

IMG_1411 low.jpg

IMG_1412 low.jpg

IMG_1413 low.jpg


IMG_1417 low.jpg

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Another grey morning. Weekend so I do all the chores, the animals have to be taken care of no matter the day. Not that the chores are long, about an hour during the summer, the grass grows by itself and the animals eat it with out any help from me. 

Been checking on my competitors, more on them here . Won't say anything bad. Here to be positive and nice, make you feel good about the day, me and everything.

So just to warn you, a possibility my case in Iceland gets put on the calendar with little forewarning. If so, I might have to go to Iceland within couple of days. If it gets put on the calendar for this week coming up, I am going to have to cancel the delivery, let you know by tomorrow.

The plan was to post the document ones it was on the calendar, but it seems they are having some problems with how to deal with this, should have been done weeks ago. Anybody who has any legal knowledge should understand this was a gross miscarriage of justice, feed back welcome. Posting the document here.

IMG_1424 low.jpg

IMG_1425 low.jpg

IMG_1427 low.jpg

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Another gray day, the grass I cut Friday will probably just rot in the fields but that's okay, enough hay for winter. So I am not going to Iceland this week, contacted my attorney this morning and he agreed it being strange the court is not putting the case on the calendar.

My take they are having problems with it, one the City of Reykjavik not wanting to touch this with a ten foot pole. They have the Supreme Court verdict and if that gets overturned because this diary is found to be forged or accepted the verdict was a miscarriage of justice because the writer of the diary was never to be made into an important witness in the judgement, the damages will fall on the state of Iceland, not the City of Reykjavik.

But if the City starts to fight this, defend the diary or the writer as a truthfull witness, then the damages could fall on the City. My take but not legally trained. One thing for sure, I will eventually win this case if I live long enough to see it through. Or as the old woman said when she was asked why she got to be so old, "to outlive my enemies" she answered. Have to take good care of my self, eat a lot of porkfat. ?

It is very comforting these systems I developed are taking care of them self's, mistakes, getting corrected because of redundancy,  very stressful while we were launching them, mistakes and bugs everywhere and one didn't even know, but that is over. Or as we say in Iceland: "komin á beina veginn", translation "we are on to the straight road". 

These are the piglets born this summer, will not be ready until next summer, and fall takes a lot longer for them to grow when outside like this, no growth promoting drugs no nothing.


Put something in on Roundup in the Guardian, something to be up on. We have not used Roundup on the farm for years. Been tempted though to use it on the fences, but Temma talked me out of it. The multi flora an invasive species is a real problem. Goats eat it and been trying to get a herd going. Not had very much luck so far. But as the mantra on the farm is: "never to give up ever", maybe there will be a little flock of goats on the farm one of these days. Started one last year but lost most of them to some disease.


IMG_1436 low.jpg

IMG_1437 low.jpg

IMG_1438 low.jpg

IMG_1439 low.jpg

IMG_1440 low.jpg

IMG_1442 low.jpg

IMG_1443 low.jpg

IMG_1442 low.jpg

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Another gray day but the cloud cover maybe thinner. Read this article on soil Yesterday, knew some of it but good to have it refreshed. We depend totally on the soil, what we eat grows in it Maybe we do not eat the grass but we eat the animals living on the grass. One thing about cows I have learned through my farming, they improve the soil where they graze maybe more than other animals.

Has to do with how they graze, how the digest the grass, their weight just right to till the soil etc. This notion that cattle degrade the environment is nonsense. Just imagine all the buffalo that lived in this country by the millions and millions for thousands and thousands of years in equilibrium with nature. It is a fact cows improve the soil, I can see it with my own eyes. 

Here is the article, quite interesting. Thought I was knowledgeable on the subject but learned a lot:


IMG_1448 low.jpg

IMG_1449 low.jpg

IMG_1450 low.jpg

IMG_1451 low.jpg

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Have this thing about systems, think I have been obsessed with them since I was a little child. Remember (maybe 4 or 5 years) thinking obsessively about tunnels. Ond shaft down, then a chamber two or more tunnels from that chamber into chamber below and on an on. Very soon the paper wasn't big enough for all the chambers and tunnels, but remember I though a lot about this. Some of you remember the Comadore 64, had one like that and made programs in Basic, later in True Basic on an Amiga computer by the same company, systems I was fascinated by. Now I am thinking up all kind of systems on the farm and for this direct marketing.

Realized just a couple of days ago there is something going on with me and systems, defines me. So one maybe silly source of stress is when somebody doesn't pay, either forgot or just doesn't have the money,  miscalculated available funds or what ever. How am I supposed to handle it?

One thing when people are buying luxury items or things they can be without, quite another when food is involved, different morality necessary, to deal with it.  You can't trow a person out just because they are a little behind on their rent, even law on it to protect people. And if I tell my customers I want this to work like an extended family or community, I have to do this accordingly, my social contract so to speak.

So what do I do, make up a system of course, takes a way the stress and here it is. Ones a customer has ordered three time he is part of this extended family community. Then I will deliver one more time even if they have not payed for the last order, everybody has to eat no matter what.

Obviously I expect my customers to pay on delivery, but flexible as can be, mistakes and such always happening, on my side too. The moral of the story, if I say this is supposed to work like a community I have to do my part of the bargain. And systems can always be improved on and made better, but ones they are in places one just does as they tell you.

IMG_1461 low.jpg

IMG_1465 low.jpg


IMG_1454 low.jpg

IMG_1456 low.jpg

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We could call these pictures "Dogs in rain". The one taken down the valley from later in the morning after I had let the cows into a new field, you can see them in the lower left corner. Thought the clouds kind of need, maybe they were so before I took the picture. 

Messed up Yesterday, cut some grass a few days ago and then it rain into it. A few days of half dry kind of and the hay was ready to be baled for baleage Yesterday afternoon. But because I had planed the day too well, decided to work on the steers and then bale, things did not work out. Finished the steers alright, but by that time, too late in the afternoon and I was not able to finish  baling before dark, rained during the night.

The moral, while haying do haying and nothing else, hang loose ready to do haying and focus on that. That's how I have been bale to hay between the raindrops this summer and other summers never to be forgotten.

This afternoon I will start working on the orders, sending out totals and such. You still have until 3PM Saturday to order, but of course the earlier you do it the better. 

IMG_1466 low.jpg

IMG_1468 low.jpg

IMG_1472 low.jpg

IMG_1475 low.jpg

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"they want us all to eat less meat – especially beef – because plant-based foods create fewer emissions."

What can I say, why is beef always under attack? I claim beef, especially grassfed is environmentally friendly and allows nature to coexist with it. And this about cows emitting so much methane, just another hoax, if not Chinese. Plants grow and then rot, some of them become part of the soil but most rot and emit methane, doesn't make any difference if the plants go thru a cow or rot on the ground, really!

Maybe we should ban all the leaves falling of the trees every fall. This is just something that was made up years and years ago and caught peoples attention, now like a ghost that just doesn't go away, too funny or something. Feeds also into our guilt us walking the earth and our need to eat. How much methane did the buffalo emit when they were by the millions and millions, really!

About nature coexisting on the farm, this morning hundreds of ducks flew off the pond below the house when I walked by, only this pair behind for me to take a picture. Maybe they are just traveling through on their way south, but i think the bred on the farm in my channels, now getting ready to go ones the weather turns cold, but still happy on the farm, enough to eat. 

Or as we say in Icelandic: 'manni getur nú sárnað', translation, 'everybody has feelings and me too!'. Well not an exact translation, but it hurts when these bums attack my cows. I think this is a plot to make us farmers feel guilty so we stay satisfied with our lot to be lowest on the totem pole. Farmers of the world unite!

There you can see the main herd in a small field, let them into it just Yesterday and they have to come out to morrow maybe into new grazing. Methane, kiss my ....!


IMG_1477 low.jpg

IMG_1480 low.jpg

IMG_1484 low.jpg

IMG_1485 low.jpg

IMG_1487 low.jpg

IMG_1487 c.jpg


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I was not going write anything this morning, raining and gray, didn't sleep well and not up to writing anything, just wanted to enjoy my gloomieness and everything hopeless. The as I started the chores, moved the cows, gave a bales to the cull lot I started to feel better, so here I am

I mentioned a couple of days ago how I am obsessed with patterns and systems. Maybe nothing special, we all like this. Not that I know, look out at the world from inside my brain and never been in any others brain, only know me. So I have been thinking about marketing, for this to work I need a few more like my best customers, not many just a handful and we are good for the next stage. Don't really want to advertise, get people in who don't really understand what we are about and frustrating them getting frustrated and the frustration going back and forth. 

So as I dropped the bale into the feeder, as if somebody spoke to me: "make every customer into a sales agent, give them a percentage of every order a customer they brought in does, for ever and ever

Now a long time ago one of my daughters while still in college got a summer job selling some kind of insurance. She was then to get something for as long as the insurance she sold was in effect, always found that interesting if not fishy, some kind of scam kind of thing maybe.

But here we are, me ready to try this on you guys. Actually remember many "scams" like this now . One buys into something and then supposed to make a ton of money getting others to buy into the same thing, but the only ones making any money, those who hatched the scam. Herbalite? Know somebody from Iceland working for them, a nutritionist.

But I could do this honestly, no scam just to get more customers, right? So here it is: I make a column  in the customer list spreadsheet just for this and everybody gets a number. So when you let me know you have somebody who wants the news-letter you get credit in meat for maybe $5 to $20, you tell me the right amount, has to be enough for you guys to bother.

Then that customer gets your number in a another column. And then for always and longer, when ever that customers order you get a percentage of his order in credit to buy meat. How much should that percentage be so you would bother to become my sales agent? 1%? 2%? 5%? This way I would have an army, a swarm, a gaggle, a flock, a herd getting new customers. Do you think this might work? Will write about it in the next news-letter, too scamy? Will have to think about this some more.

Moved the cows this morning, put them into a field you see in one of the pictures. Not too happy, the grass a little overgrown. The grass has to be just about the right height and maturity to please them. Too short, too much work. Overgrown, not as nutritious, too much fiber.

IMG_1488 low.jpg

IMG_1490 low.jpg

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Really cold this morning, almost frost and wind with it. Mostly recovered from the delivery, wasn't really that bad, some been worse. But there was a time there in mid Manhattan I felt "alles est loss" for a while stuck in traffic. But everybody got theirs and the truck empty when I drove home. No not empty, quite a bit of money in it. So much that this week I am ordering that label printing scale for $1500., forward we march to victory.

When I got out this morning the sun wasn't totally up as you can see on the pictures. The first one I took before the delivery, saw Adam surrounded by his friends the chicken and went inside to get the camera. But of course by the time I was out again the chicken were gone.


IMG_1491 low.jpg

IMG_1493 low.jpg

IMG_1494 low.jpg

IMG_1495 low.jpg

IMG_1497 low.jpg

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Sorry didn't put anything in Yesterday, pure forgot. Got into working on the spreadsheets, so cold outside. And before I knew I was reinventing the wheel, all kind of new features I learned. I tell you, without these spreadsheets I could not keep this all straight, getting to a point where the mistakes get caught automatically. I was putting in a feature in the customer-list where all orders get added up, had to go back to the beginning of the year. Just amazing how much this has improved in a year and more improvements coming. In every way, every day it is....................... and that's for sure. As I said, something about systems and me, maybe I have found my shelve in my old age. An Icelandic saying my mother used a lot "to find ones shelve in live". She worked in a store as a young woman, where everything had to be in its shelve I guess. But I know this was not only her saying, or was it? "Að finna sína hyllu í lífinu". Likely from danish, "at finde sin hylle i livet". As you know Iceland was a colony of Denmark, more on that later.

Here is so a new thing, going to market land we need to sell through this forum, will put more in later today, need to bring cattle to Steiner when I am finished with this, two steers, no pigs, doing the last pig available for a while on the farm,  custom slaughter. Now that this case in Iceland is starting up again, the beast needs to be fed, with money that is. 

Took these pictures Yesterday morning and of the dogs in the snow this morning. And the snow is not melting, just so cold,. Lets hope it will warm up again, but think this winter is going to be a dousy (how is that spelled, Temma not around to ask), just about time to get this cab tractor don't you think. Where are you global warming when we need you? 

More later, if not today then tomorrow on the land sale, going ask for your help and advice. You live in New York City, should know a thing or two on how the world turns I would think. You and Trump wise to the world. Some of you even born on Manhattan, the center of the universe. I know, born and raised in Queens but we don't hold that against him do we now?



IMG_1502 low.jpg

IMG_1503 low.jpg

IMG_1504 low.jpg

IMG_1505 low.jpg

IMG_1506 low.jpg

IMG_1507 low.jpg

IMG_1512 low.jpg

IMG_1509 low.jpg

IMG_1508 low.jpg

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If you want any pictures today you have to go here

Warmed right up, summer again out there. Here is a little story on how one backs into things in live sometimes. Conventional wisdom tells you something, but then real life tells you it was mostly nonsense. 

I planed for many years to have pigs and then got some, everything good. One of the thoughts, I would buy the grain for feed and that way bring in nutrition for the soil would not have to use commercial fertilizer. One of the surprises was how hardy pigs are, can take subzero weather, especially if they can make them self's nests in hay and pile in there all together, something I didn't really know even if I worked on a pig farm as a young man. all the pigs inside.

Then I started to breed coats on them and the pigs I have today, with quite a coat (will put in some pictures tomorrow). We then mix our feed, grind grain and hay  together and put in some minerals, the thought you don't know what you are getting in commercial feeds. the purpose also to have them eat as much hay as possible for the omega3, this all very much about healthy meat for us all, you and me, your spouses and kids, grandchildren too. 

So through quite a few years now, I made sure they always had hay to make their nests, had to watch them because the hay disapered fast and even faster as the years went by, the thought, maybe I have breeding them to eat more hay without knowing.

So the other day I started thinking, do I even have to grind their grain, maybe it is just one more conventional wisdom they don't utilize the un-ground grain as well, maybe they were just jiving the farmers, telling them they had to buy grinders to make more profit?

So I decided to give some pigs only whole grain and unlimited access to hay, eating their own nest so to speak. And low and behold, everything calmer because they carefully chew every grain, takes them a lot longer to eat and everybody gets their share, no "hogging"

And what is more, the pigs on this diet just looking fine and the chicken not looking for the grain that should have passed through according to conventional wisdom.. Ergo no grain coming through. 

So the outcome is, slowly going to switch all the pigs onto this diets, the boars tomorrow and then if everything goes well, all the pigs. Not the first time in my farming I have been doing things because I thought it should be done that way, but then finding out it was actually pure nonsense. 

It is a possibility that through the years I have been selecting for pigs that can eat more hay, know there are breeds out there that can survive mostly on grass. So When I select boars for breeding soon, I am going to give them very little grain for awhile and observe them, see if any of them keep better condition. Just for a little while, then on regular diet.

So on to the land sale. We were in the process of developing this land when the crash hit in 2008, almost lost everything. But here we are and think it is the right time to sell. So if you think you can help let us know. Any place we should advertise?: 



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Seems like I am slipping here, have an excuse, the wife visiting the daughters and the routine out the window. Tomorrow I am going down to Pennsylvania to pick up tires for the new used cab tractor and boxes at ULINE in Allentown for the orders, so no entry tomorrow.

Trying to save a buck by picking it up my self. Takes about 4 hours to go down on Interstate 81 and 4 hours back. Like driving and seeing the country so no problem there, leaving by 5 AM. The tires are going to be over $2000 for the four of them, no car tires these. 

We have been detailing the tractor before we put it into service and cover with mud. ? Maybe I put in some picture when we are done. The loader for it is coming in mid November and winter coming,. Hopefully everything will go right and us warm inside the cab.

On to the pigs, been breeding for better coats on them and these pictures of the two boars I might use for the next generation. Only the red one, the black on mean, attacks when you go into their fence. Fake attacks so far, who knows what it can develop into, but will be bacon before then.

Another interesting thing about variability in the genes of these pigs, everyone different. I don't know very much about pigs except from the pigs I have been keeping for some years now. The domestic pigs has often floppy ears and I have been selecting them to be smaller, figuring they will do better outside in the climate here in winter with smaller ears. Obviously in the south the big ears helps them get rid of the heat.

You know horses and even some dogs can position their ears to hear better, especially horses, you can see their ears swivel around so they can pinpoint the noise they are listening for. I thought pigs had pretty much fixed ears, but turned out I was wrong about that one.

This black boar can put his ears straight up and then swivel them around to pinpoint a noise he is listening to. Again shows the genetic variability in these pigs, and this one reverting back to the ears on the wild pig. Not that I am breeding that into my herd from with this one, don't need his meanness, no way. The red one is very friendly sweet as can be. And remember, started out with pigs with hardly any coat on them and in very few generation I have a boar like this red one.

Took these pictures Yesterday afternoon, just too dark in the morning to get good pictures, maybe when they change the clock we will be good again.

IMG_1514 low.jpg

IMG_1517 low.jpg

IMG_1518 low.jpg

IMG_1519 low.jpg

IMG_1520 low.jpg

IMG_1522 low.jpg

IMG_1524 low.jpg

IMG_1525 low.jpg

IMG_1526 low.jpg

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So I drove down to Allentown PA to pick up the boxes for the meat and tires for the new old cab tractor. Uline warehouse in Allentown. The problem the warehouse so new it wasn't´on my GPS, so I had to ask around, somewhat nerve racking. The biggest warehouse I have been in, like being in the future being inside it, forklifts with the operators standing on the forks going at least three floors high into the air, a swarm of them going in every witch direction quite fast, seeing that worth the trip. Don´t know how much I saved picking up the boxes, but learned a lot. One thing, if the order is big enough, I save on the freight, obvious of course but hadn´t realized how much I saved. 

These pictures are of the creek I moved this summer, broke out in the flood 1996 and taken these years to put it back. Not bad?? When I went down to take the pictures, the cows thought I was going to let them into a new field and came all running. I put all these stones down, a river more than creek these days, been raining and raining and then raining some more.

Next delivery set for November 4th and you the first to know. Will send out a news letter later today with my new idea on making you all into my sales agents. And by the way, the used printing scale on its way and you payed for most of it, me only paying the freight. Lets hope it works, more on that later,Got an email Yesterday it had been shipped. So hopefully it will work and labels on the custom slaughtered meat from now on.We are moving forward one step at a time. A saying right,  one step forward or two back, on ward, on ward.

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Rain rain rain. As you maybe know delivery the 4th of November. Thinking about selling the box of chicken for $85 either four roosters or five hens. Not that many left but have to empty the freezer before the new ones get done, first come first serve until they are gone. 

About the land, got a response, will tell you about it.

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I know, letting you down, not written here for a couple of days, sorry. The wife was away. Raining and raining and then raining some more. One problem after another and some of them my fault, what can I say.

Then I bought this used scale on Ebay and you payed for it. Turned out it didn´t work right $250 down the drain. The good thing, figured out I wanted a working scale like that and bought a new one for $800. Prints out labels from blank labels, I can then put the logo or anything I want on the label.

I also bought a new vacuum sealer for $1300 that can use regular vacuum bags that cost fraction of what the ones, I have to use for the vacuum sealer I have now. This machine made in China and I figured I better buy it now before the tariffs start to hit, should save the investment in plastic bags pretty quick. Also this is a chambe vacuum sealer, more versatile.

So you sent me emails the Marathon is on this Sunday in the City, that maybe I should postpone the delivery. The problem being, the wife needs to go on a business trip that weekend so we are on for Nov. 4th no matter what. 

But here is a new idea, what if I reverse the route, start in The Bronx, from there to Queens, then Brooklyn and last Manhattan in the evening. Maybe that would work, worth the try, right? Maybe if that works we can keep doing it. Maybe traffic in the City is lighter at night Sundays??

One more thing, really found of my dogs. Can´t say love because in Icelandic you don´t use that word lightly.

IMG_1559 lov.jpg

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So as I was finishing the chores this morning, the sun peaked out. Me in to get the camera but by the time I was outside again it was gone, Mud City for sure. See the pigs in the water, amazing how clean they keep them self's. The secret to have fresh hay with them at all time to nest in, only lie down in the hay, at least when is not too hot. 

So I am doing the delivery on top of the Marathon. the plan to do it in reverse. Start in Bronx Queens, then Brooklyn and Manhattan by night. The plan even to do it this way in the future, the thought traffic has eased by evening.

So this delivery is not too bad, seems to be a good sales tactic to cry a little bit. ;-/ The steer almost gone and probably space in the freezers for the next ones.  We keep on trucking or is it marching onward?

 After this I will set up the delivery spread sheet, send out one more newsletter to explain what is going on and send all of you getting something tomorrow an email, everything becoming a routine. Have to admit though, this doing it in reverse giving be a tiny bit of stress,  itsy bitsy tiny bit, but as everybody know, a very sensitive guy.

O one more thing, see those yellow trees. Larch, somebody planted them on the farm before my time, now big enough to build a whole town out of them. The plan to log them but only two arms too few hours in the day. Not about to letting anybody else log them, We will see, maybe we will be bale to do some logging this winter.

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Hi again. The reason I have not been here for a few days, kind of thinking everything over. No pictures today, maybe later today. Did the delivery on Sunday right on top of the Marathon. Not the smarted thing in the world but did get it done. One more mission impossible, what doesn´t  ...... makes you stronger. Learned one thing I think, going to try to do the delivery in reverse from now on. By the time I came onto Manhattan traffic had died down, much easier. 

This whole thing depends on being able to deliver to you guys that the secret to everything. One customer wrote me he found the website and everything confusing, that maybe I should try Shopify. I looked into some time ago but found that confusing, could not make it fit to what I am trying to do. I will look at it again, promise.

 I know, looks like I am reinventing the wheel with what I am doing, but it is my wheel and I understand how it works as I invent it. If you think it odd what I am doing, then what do you think it is like on the farm, reinventing the wheel there too.

And in way for real, we have been farming for thousands of years and when mechanization came we lost practices that had proven them self through time,  me trying to go back in time in a way. For me this is an intellectual journey and you can be part of it id you want to. But then you have to understand it is a journey and we do not know where we are going, just trying every day to go one step forward.

By the way, next delivery planed for Sunday December 2. Will be putting it altogether in the next few days and sending out a news letter.

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I AM BACK AND THE SUN TOOO! Got up this morning got the camera and out I went with the dogs, you can see the pictures below. That beaver is at it, taking down one tree after the other. The good, only junk trees leaves the good ones, no pines, a oak right there doesn't touch so far. Not killed any dogs as of now so we are the best of friends for the time being, to his whole family too if he has one.

If you look closely you might see the snouts on both Pop and Pez are swollen. Came inside a week ago like they had beards, covered with porcupine needles, inside the mouth, on the tongue, everywhere. And then they did't let me pull them out, I had to sit on them with all my strength to hold them still. But I got them all out one by one, only a couple left inside the flesh and seem to come out with the puss. 

The Great Pyrenians are different ,they know you are helping them and sit still while you pull out the needles one by one, must be very painful. Starting to work on the delivery for Dec. 2,  so we are still trucking. Going down to PA this week to pick up 12 foot long fence post, going to make a fence so I can do turkeys again, the secret to work long hours to get things done.

Will put in picture of the new used tractor, us Jason been fixing what needed fixing, putting new tires on it and such, the loader coming any day.  Will be nice being inside the cab feeding the cows and maybe 20 below outside or even 30. 

NEWSFLASH, NEWSFLASH, NEWSFLASH. Ordered a sausage linker Yesterday, tried to make them by hand last winter but didn't work out, this should do it, sausage coming. ?


More, frost on the pond. Pez just keeps on growing, bigger than his father and still  apuppy. Ones he matures, pretty sure his ears will be erect will be an impressive dog and a very nice one too.

IMG_1586 low.jpg

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